Pathway Downstream Analysis
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Function introduction

Users enter a list of genes of interest and select relevant parameters, KnockTF 2.0 can map them into the reconstructed signaling pathway map model. Hypergeometric test is used for calculating the statistical significance of the intersection between the input gene nodes and the TFs in the terminal of each pathway. Then, KnockTF 2.0 will identify the significant pathways and label the terminal downstream T(co)Fs of pathways. In the detail page, users can also obtain the regulatory axes of the genes of interest, including pathway genes, T(co)Fs and their downstream target genes.

1) Databases: Select at least one database of pathways.

2) Genes: Input a gene symbol set.

3) Threshold: Set P-Value and FDR thresholds.

4) GeneNumber: Limit the number range of genes in pathways.