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What is TcoFBase?

Here, we developed the TcoFBase database, which aims to document a large number of available resources of mammals TcoFs, provided annotation and enrichment analyses of TcoFs.

The current version of TcoFBase cataloged a total of 2,322 TcoFs and 5,673 TcoFs associated ChIP-seq data from over 380 tissues/cell types in human and mouse. Emphatically, TcoFBase provides the detailed and abundant (epi) genetic annotations in ChIP-seq based TcoF binding regions, such as super enhancer, enhancer, TFBS, methylation sites, common SNPs, risk SNPs, eQTLs, histone modifications and 3D chromatin interactions. TcoFBase also provides TcoFs downstream target genes by mapping binding regions into genomes in five methods. Furthermore, TcoFBase provides upstream regulatory information for TcoFs and various functional annotation including pathway, GO Trem, cancer hallmark, PPI, survival, expression and disease information. Especially, TcoFBase provides 5 types of TcoF regulatory analyses for users, including TcoF gene set enrichment, TcoF binding genomic region annotation, TcoF regulatory network analysis, TcoF-TF co-occupancy analysis, TcoF regulatory axis analysis. TcoFBase is a user-friendly database to query, browse and visualize information associated with TcoF. We believe that TcoFBase could become a useful and effective platform for exploring potential functions and regulation of TcoF in diseases and biological processes.

Data Statistical Table

TcoF The Number of Sources 2
The Number of TcoFs 2322
TcoF(ChIP-seq) The Number of Sources 4
The Number of TcoFs 497
The Number of Samples 6759
TF(Motif) The Number of Sources 6
The Number of TFs 699
The Number of Motifs 3279
Pathway The Number of Sources 10
The Number of Pathways 2169

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Contact us

Principal Investigator: Chunquan Li, Ph.D.

School of Medical Informatics,Daqing Campus Harbin Medical University 39 Xinyang Road, Daqing 163319, China

Phone: 86-459-8153035

Fax: 86-459-8153035

Email: lcqbio@163.com


Zhang Y, Song C, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Feng C, Chen J, Wei L, Pan Q, Shang D, Zhu Y, Zhu J, Fang S, Zhao J, Yang Y, Zhao X, Xu X, Wang Q, Guo J, Li C. TcoFBase: a comprehensive database for decoding the regulatory transcription co-factors in human and mouse. Nucleic Acids Res. 2022 Jan 7;50(D1):D391-D401. doi:10.1093/nar/gkab950 PMID: 34718747; PMCID: PMC8728270.