For example
Option explanation:
1) Tissue Type: Select or input Gene Type.
2) Cell Type: Select or input Cell Type.
3) Cell Name: Select or input Cell Name.

For example

Option explanation:
1) Gene Type: Select or input the Type of Gene.
2) Gene Name: Select or input the Gene.

For example

Function introduction:
In the TF-based query, users can query a TF of interest, and then CRCdb will return all CRCs that match the TF–CRC relationship, and distribution of TFs for all samples.

Parameter explanation:
Search method one:
Select TF name: Click the TF of interest.
Search method two:
Input your gene: Enter the gene of interest.

Explanation of example:
FOXO3 gene likely functions as a trigger for apoptosis through expression of genes necessary for cell death.