Welcome to SEanalysis 2.0:   A comprehensive super-enhancer regulatory network analysis tool for human and mouse.


We designed a novel web server, SEanalysis 2.0, which provides a comprehensive super-enhancers regulatory network analysis, involving the identification of SE-associated genes, TFs occupying these SEs and the upstream signaling pathways of idenfitied TFs. Users can perform the following SEs-associated analyses in the web server:
I. TF regulatory analysis.
II. Sample comparative analysis.
III. Pathway downstream analysis.
IV. Upstream regulatory analysis.
V. Genomic region annotation.

The current version of SEanalysis contains a total of 1,717,744 super-enhancers from over 2,670 Samples, including 1,739 human samples and 931 mouse samples; 10,710 TF ChIP-seq data for 1,468 human TFs and 446 mouse TFs generated from these cells/tissues; DNA-binding sequence motifs for 869 human TFs and 568 mouse TFs; as well as 2,880 human pathways and 1,487 mouse pathways. SEanalysis 2.0 provides risk SNP annotation to link super-enhancer with diseases/trait. SEanalysis 2.0 supports searching by either SEs, samples, TFs, signaling pathways or genes. Furthermore, the complex regulatory networks formed by these factors can be interactively visualized.

Sample Statistics
Pathway The Number of Sources 10 2
The Number of Pathways 2880 1487
TF(ChIP-seq) The Number of Sources 5 1
The Number of TFs 1468 440
The Number of Samples 10 710 1051
TF(Motif) The Number of Sources 6 2
The Number of TFs 869 568
The Number of Motifs 3680 742
SE The Number of Sources 5 5
The Number of SEs 1167518 550226
Samples 1739 931
Live Statistics
For publication of results please cite the following article

Qian, F.C.*, Li, X.C.*, Guo, J.C.*, Zhao, J.M., Li, Y.Y., Tang, Z.D., Zhou, L.W., Zhang, J., Bai, X.F., Jiang, Y. et al. (2019) SEanalysis: a web tool for super-enhancer associated regulatory analysis. Nucleic acids research, 47, W248-W255.

SEanalysis 1.0 link is: http://www.liclab.net:8028/SEanalysis1/index.do

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