Welcome to ENdb! An experimentally supported enhancer database for human and mouse.

What is ENdb?

Here, we established a comprehensive manually curated enhancer database for human and mouse (ENdb, http://www.licpathway.net/ENdb/), which aims to provide a resource for experimentally supported enhancers, and to annotate the detailed information of enhancers. Through reviewing 1590 published literatures, the current release of ENdb documents 713 experimentally validated enhancers and their related information, including 376 target genes, 250 transcription factors, 110 diseases and 145 functions for human and mouse.


  • 1590
  • 713
  • 110
  • 376
    Target genes
  • 250
    Transcription factors
  • 30
  • 145
    Enhancer function

Sister Projects

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LncSEA: A comprehensive human lncRNA sets resource and enrichment analysis platform

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