All the datesets here are in the same format. Please read the details .
1.All the experimentally confirmed enhancers. Download
2.The experimental confirmation for target genes associated enhancers. Download
3.The experimental confirmation for TFs associated enhancers. Download
4.The experimental confirmation for disease associated enhancers. Download
ENdb database contains 24 columns separated by tab:Description
Pubmed ID PMID of the article.
Symbol The named enhancer in the article.
Reference gene Reference genome version number (hg19,mm10).
Chromsome The chromsome number.
Start position The start position of the enhancer.
End position The end position of the enhancer.
Species Species,including human and mouse.
Sample The specific tissues or cells used in the experiment, other species cannot be explicitly described or described
Experiment class( High throughput/Low throughput) Experimental categories( High throughput/Low throughput).
Enhancer experiment Experiments used to prove the activity of enhancer.
Enhancer type Enhancer type(enhancer/super-enhancer).
Experiment description of enhancer target gene Experimental description of enhancer result.
Target gene The target genes of the enhancer was confirmed by experiments.
Disease Disease name.
Enhancer function The function of enhancers is verified experimentally.
Enhancer of the enhancers function Experiments on the function of enhancers.
Enhancer description of enhancers function Experimental description of the function of enhancers.
TF name The name of the transcription factor.
TF experiment Experiments on the TF of enhancers.
SNP symbol The definition SNP of GWAS.
SNP position The position of SNP.
SNP experiment Experiments on the SNP in the region of enhancers.
Distance from TSS The distance from TSS.

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