ATACdb  v1.03

A comprehensive human chromatin accessibility database

What is ATACdb?

Here, we developed a comprehensive human chromatin accessibility database (ATACdb,, with the aim of providing a large amount of publicly available resources on human chromatin accessibility data, and to annotate and illustrate potential roles in a tissue/cell type-specific manner.
The current version of ATACdb documented a total of 52,078,883 regions from over 1,400 chromatin accessibility ATAC-seq samples. These samples have been manually curated from more than 2,200 chromatin accessibility samples associated with ATAC-seq data from NCBI GEO/SRA database. ATACdb provides a quality assurance process including four quality control (QC) metrics. Moreover, ATACdb provides other detailed (epi) genetic annotation information in chromatin accessibility regions, including super-enhancers, typical enhancers, TFs, common SNPs, risk SNPs, eQTLs, LD SNPs, DNA methylation sites, 3D chromatin interactions and TADs. ATACdb provides accurate inference of TF footprints within chromatin accessibility regions. ATACdb is a powerful platform that provides the most comprehensive accessible chromatin data, QC, TF footprint and various other annotations.

News and Updates

30/8/2020 ATACdb v1.01: Update the page of 'Home' and 'Submit'.

06/10/2021 ATACdb v1.02: Update the download files to provide the associated genes of chromatin accessibility region.

18/10/2021 ATACdb v1.03: Update the page of 'Help' and 'Download'.


Wang F, Bai X, Wang Y, Jiang Y, Ai B, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Xu M, Wang Q, Han X, Pan Q, Li Y, Li X, Zhang J, Zhao J, Zhang G, Feng C, Zhu J, Li C. ATACdb: a comprehensive human chromatin accessibility database. Nucleic Acids Res. 2020 Oct 30:gkaa943. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa943. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33125076.

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