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Li chunquan, male, born in 1979, associate professor, CPC member. In 2005, I got a master's degree in computer application from Harbin Institute of Technology. Scientific Research results were published in Nucleic Acids Research (3) (SCI impact factors: 8.278), Bioinformatics (5.323) and PLoS ONE (5), published by Oxford publishing group, UK. 4.411). Published in Human Mutation, BMC bioinformatics, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP, etc. 17 SCI papers have been published, with a total impact factor of 69.7 and a total impact factor of 44.5 as the first author.Three winning achievements; Among them: 1 item at the national level, 1 item at the provincial and ministerial level.Related software platforms such as the SubpathwayMiner developed have been cited by Nature reviewer cancer (SCI impact factor: 35), a top influential review magazine, and have been included in the list of pathway identification software of journal papers, recommending cancer researchers from various countries to use the system. At the same time, the pathway identification software GSEA and SPIA included in the list are among the most famous pathway identification software in the world, indicating that the SubpathwayMiner software platform has entered the international mainstream pathway identification software ranks. SubpathwayMiner and other relevant software platforms have also been cited and recommended by researchers in CHEMICAL REVIEWS (SCI impact factor: 40.197) and ANNUAL REVIEWS (SCI impact factor: 21.639). At present, the SubpathwayMiner correlation analysis platform has been used by research institutions in dozens of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada and South Korea.    >>more

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