What is LncSEA?

LncSEA supports more than 300,000 reference lncRNA sets involved in 32 categories (Mutations, Cancer Immunology, Tumor Metastasis, ceRNA, Chromatin Interaction, RNA-RNA Interaction, RNA-Protein Interaction, RNA Histone Modification, RNA Compound, Tissue Spatial Expression, Cancer Functional State, Disease Type, m6A Modification, Experimental Validated Function, Cell Marker, Conservation, eQTL, Exosome, Inflammation, SmORF, Methylation Pattern, Gene Perturbation, Subcellular Localization, Survival, Drug, Transcription Co Factor, Splicing Events, Chromatin Regulators) and 72 sub-categories, which covered over 200,000 lncRNAs. We not only collected lncRNA sets based on downstream regulatory data sources but also calculated a large number of lncRNA sets regulated by upstream transcription factors (TFs) and DNA regulatory elements by integrating TF ChIP-seq, DNase-seq, ATAC-seq and H3K27ac ChIP-seq data associated with hundreds of human cell types.

Importantly, LncSEA provides annotation and enrichment analysis functions of lncRNA sets associated with upstream regulators and downstream targets. In addition, LncSEA provides a user-friendly interface to search, browse and visualize detailed information about these lncRNA sets. In summary, LncSEA is a powerful platform that provides a variety of types of lncRNA sets for users and supports lncRNA annotation and enrichment analysis functions.

Release version 2 (2022-6-1) added the GSEA/GSVA analysis tool and lncRNA sets.

LncSEA was published in Nucleic Acid Research in 2021.

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